Encryption v Q-Day

This is just a matter of time where you will see the breakdown in old encryption. Quantum will be the future of computers.


Stop using TikTok

Yeah it is Chinese spyware, what did you think?

Tracking your car in real time

Seems very scary. This is a private company, so the government is probably ahead of this.


Online Shopping Warning

ZDNet shows how common buttons on social media are infected with Card Skimmers. Be careful where you click and enter CC Data folks.


More stuff not to have


Research: Millions of smart devices vulnerable to hacking

Spying and tech products

Looks like the NSA is not coming clean on what they are doing for “back doors” in tech. Not good if they are putting them in, we all become at risk because eventually the secret gets out and the “back door” is used against us.
Read the Reuters story https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-security-congress-insight-idUSKBN27D1CS

Hacked Cameras – Poor security

Lots of risk here, very bad stuff. Please check your WEBCAMS and change the password and update your software/firmware wherever you can. Patch Patch Patch!
Read the article here

Don’t trust the China Stuff or Huawei’s equipment

GCHQ discovered ‘nationally significant’ vulnerability in Huawei equipment
The issue in Huawei’s equipment was initially withheld from the Chinese company and not reported due to security concerns.


Github helps out coders and security

Per this nice article at ENGADGET Github will offer scanning of your code to check for security flaws. A nice feature, hopefully more secure code will follow.

Instagram “BUG”

Looks like another APP BUG where the app is watching you via the camera. If it can hit someone as big as INSTAGRAM, watch out for the little software people.