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Pool – Slow

Road TRIP!

Crazy ride, I’ve seen this road before in other videos, this is amazing what people will do to drive their car someplace.

Awesome ride

This is so cool, such a great set of video, and worth watching.

Baby it is COLD outside

This is totally real, and what really happens in the deep negative temperatures.

Stay warm folks.

If you parked there… Ouch!

The strangest way to have your car wrecked

Holy Moly!

No Hole Jokes Please! But very interesting facts about some very big man made holes in the ground.

Wine Store Employee of the Month (NOT!)

This guy is lucky. He did nothing I can see as wrong. But it crashed on his watch.
He even tried to save the rack, and this is a major amount of wine hitting the floor.

The video must be running in loops in the brain of his boss.


Amazing video of a road washout. Never underestimate the power of moving water.

WMTW News 8 chief photojournalist Kevyn Fowler captured a road collapsing in Freeport, Maine during a storm.

Inside a waterfall in the Swiss Alps

Gotta love the Swiss engineering on this! Inside the waterfall at Lauterbrunnen and some great vistas and views inside the best part of the Swiss Alps. And the COW at the end is so cool.

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