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Don’t talk to Police — EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!

Ok — Checkout the site, Nothing more to tell you.


REALLY Just Click the Link

I’ve been Procrastinating

Details tomorrow on why.

“Bailout” Merriam-Webster’s 2008 Word of the Year…And a funny video

Since I was dumped (Dot Com Fired) on Election Day 2000 this hits close to home. I avoid politics here most of the time, but this one was funny, and also because BAILOUT made the #1 overused word this year (Merriam-Webster’s 2008 Word of the Year).

2. vet
3. socialism
4. maverick
5. bipartisan

So Laugh with and the Sock Puppet Dog

Star Wars = Open for new concepts

Sometimes you aim for the biggest targets for parody and mockery, and also for homage. I’ve thought some things are made to be altered and improved. And Star Wars could be better. * I did see the 1st movie on my 7th birthday! Then I saw it 6 more times. So I did like the original. But I love the remixes and new takes on the old ideas. Here are a few new classic virals for Star Wars

Vader Sessions

Gagsta Rap (Lyrics NSFW)

Star Wars Helpdesk (Because everyone needs a helpdesk for their complex systems!)

Star Wars Meets COPS

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager #1 (Just funny)

Apple’s New CheapBook


Apple is set to unveil a laptop aimed at the newest fad: affordability.

Once again Apple has shown an uncanny ability to anticipate the market and position their product line accordingly. Today, Apple’s trading at $91, less than half of it’s 52 week high. A deal to be sure, because unlike the reactionary culture at Ford or GM, Apple is already poised to meet new market realities. The plan: Release a new line of low cost notebook computers that appeal to the frugal fashionista. How will Apple do in the pursuit of affordability? If history is any indicator, Apple will find that elusive balance between practicality, performance and, of course, style. For ailing stock prices and a slow economy, that’s just what the doctor ordered.

Mythbusters RFID hacking episode canned by credit card company lawyers

The big 3 card companies (Discover, Visa, Mastercard) got involved and kept the Discovery Network from showing an episode testing the security of RFID’s in credit cards.
If you don’t know what a credit card RFID is, I’ll be posting pictures later. And as a bonus, I will later take pictures of how I will be taking credit card RFID security into my own hands. πŸ˜€

Funny Prank Call – Tom Mabe – Getting Revenge on a Telemarketer

Don’t call Tom Mabe, he is insane, and this call proves it. I laughed so hard at this one, and I love prank calls.

Refinance Time for your Student Loan

Just a reminder rates are going back up, so refi that Student Loan before they jump.

Is one of the places to go, or search for yourself in the upper right hand corner for a Student Loan Refi Plan!

Dog Language cracked by Computer

So the they have written a program that decodes the dog’s barking and tells them the difference between a simple woof and something important. Now if only they could tell the vet where it hurts!

Knowing what the dog is saying

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