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JetSki engine on a light wood boat

Crazy fast and shocked it isn’t happening in the USA

Art Glass – Wow stuff

Fun stuff

Innovative sun dial

Mega cool LEGO

This looks like a fun day

Thanks to Casey Niestat for making this one

Just a fun video and story – Longboard

Skate and have fun.

Rogue One – Star Wars getting even better

The classic warning alarm
The classic theme in a minor key
The classic storm troopers
It is all here, and it is awesome.

I saw the original Star Wars in theaters in 1977 SEVEN times. I was only 7 years old going on 8, my 8th birthday party was going to the first film.

This is treasure in my mind.

Flashing lights that make you vomit

Nice idea, but 1 million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to!

I’ve always loved the puppets and muppets

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