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If you haven’t seen it with your own eyes. It is worth watching. I stopped by the side of the road one late night in Minnesota to watch the colors across the sky and lost track of time in the Winter night. It was awesome.

Paint to aviod an Asteroid impact

Very interesting

No Armageddon type mission needed. Just a big paintball gun.



Yeah, that was amazing, brave, and awesome.


New Quantum Levitation Explained

I need a new toy

I happen to really like this one.

Holgraphic Universe

I am not smart enough to know…

3 minutes in Hell – 108 flips

Yeah, they are counting in German, but don’t watch this ride if you have just eaten a big meal.

EMBED-The Amusement Park Ride From Hell – Watch more free videos

Odd Videos

A random collection of odd videos

Shaving Cream will expand dramatically when put in a vacuum. The outside pressure around the foam becomes lower than the internal pressure of the air pockets, making them expand.

The explosive results of dropping a Gummy Bear in molten potassium chlorate

Again in the Dark!

Microwave Grapes

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