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The GREATEST show to leave EARTH

Earth Shattering information

Hubble and the deep space images

Rogue One – Star Wars getting even better

The classic warning alarm
The classic theme in a minor key
The classic storm troopers
It is all here, and it is awesome.

I saw the original Star Wars in theaters in 1977 SEVEN times. I was only 7 years old going on 8, my 8th birthday party was going to the first film.

This is treasure in my mind.

The unsinkable Volvo

This car won’t die, now I know why people love them, and why they are so safe, they are super cars!

The movie that will break records

Shatter records

The best response to the RANT

All the bad words have been bleeped. So totally safe for work. Uncomfortable truth coming so enjoy.

Finally, STAR WARS is going to be great again

Orion launch from this morning

Super Spin

Short but awesome video of Mercury spinning. The most clear and accurate images ever of the planet’s surface. Go Full Screen on this one.

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