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All the swearing is beeped, but it is still super funny

Swearing robot 2016

Rogue One – Star Wars getting even better

The classic warning alarm
The classic theme in a minor key
The classic storm troopers
It is all here, and it is awesome.

I saw the original Star Wars in theaters in 1977 SEVEN times. I was only 7 years old going on 8, my 8th birthday party was going to the first film.

This is treasure in my mind.

The movie that will break records

Shatter records

Hypnotic cake decoration

40w Laser Shotgun

Yes, you read that right

Now what was it that

The Terminator

Asked for in that gun shop?

“Phased Plasma Rifle in 40 Watt Range”

The future of military rifles is here now…

All about that base – Star Wars edition? LOL yep

Inside the 4th of July fireworks

Crazy robot – next killer on the battlefield

Future tech

So…people in Russia are making Terminator Hunter Killer R/C Planes now.

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