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Ouch man, that hurts.

Water hazard ahead

The number is NINE

Nine barrel rolls. That is a heck of a scramble. WOW. OUCH.

Another about the TT at Isle of Man

One of the earlier videos is off youtube now so I thought I’d add a good one for replacement.

Plus it is a great tribute to some of the people that have lost their lives for the love of this sport.

Freaky Robot


These things freak me out

Double Loop

Hotwheels style

X Games is very dangerous, they keep pushing the edge.

Would you do this job?

And what kind of person has this job?

What does it pay?

What is the motivation for having this job?

What do you put on a resume?

What do you do next?

Is there a career path?

I have a thousand questions like these, and sadly, I can only guess at most of the answers.

Insane Motorcycle racers

Isle of Man race

Terror, speed, destruction, deadly. This is not for the weak or meek!


I have done some slick slides in winter driving. This is pretty lucky.

I went a full 360 in one lane at speed and didn’t hit a thing. Very bad memory, this is very close to what it was like. Without the psycho head on idiot trying to kill me.

Heart pounding crazy.

This was brutal round of WIPEOUT

Still the funniest show on TV Hands DOWN!

Zombie Apocalypse

This is the hottest video of the day, James O’Keefe fighting for voter ID, proof that fraud can and will happen.

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