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Happy New Year, don’t get stuck on a remote dangerous island

Talk like a pirate day

Max tells the truth

When he is saying HANG THEM he is right. They are criminals.

Another Friday Guitar Music Day

I like it a lot!

KingCorey – Sicker Wars Have Begun!

Yes, one person put my logo sticker above the OBEY Sticker! (right where it belongs mind you, I am a KING after all…)
His are sold here, mine are given out free!

KingCorey above OBEY

KingCorey above OBEY

Scared of the Empire yet?

You should be…. Liberty and freedom under fire.

Judge Napolitano hits it on the head. Watch in horror.


Bad Laws

OOps, turns out laws have impact on people who are normally law abiding, to freedom fighters.

Professor Friedman discusses how bad laws effect both behavior and morality.

Don’t know what to be for Halloween??

Here is a pretty good video with ideas, some good, some great, some BAD. The Facebook one is pretty bad, and others are amazing in the quality.

Enjoy the fun of being something/body else.


Nothing to see here, Move along…. Nothing to see here.

Atocha Treasure

More Treasure! Finding the Atocha. Very interesting look at a career treasure hunter, searching for the most famous of lost ships.

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