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First sight on the wedding day

Amazing short video, true that this is one of life’s most special moments.

Take Better Profile Pictues

Great little help vid by Samsung. 😛

Road TRIP!

Crazy ride, I’ve seen this road before in other videos, this is amazing what people will do to drive their car someplace.

It isn’t 99 Red Ballons, Just ONE big one

Slow motion water balloons are old hat?

Full Screen, Lights Off, Volume UP


Breaking the Law, oh wait, it is a COP breaking the law

Yeah, they are just doing their job.

My cameras are mounted to fixed tripods, before I shift into drive my cameras are on. No distraction, none, nota. After this Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy realized I got video of him breaking Mi law, he tailgated me Apx 3 miles. I slowed down to half the posted speed, he stayed on my ass.I switched lanes a couple of times, he stayed on my ass. Lets see, I’d say, Reckless endangerment, Intimidation, Harassment, just for starters. Oh! guess what? I have Proof, I have not posted video yet, Oh, like any body cares. Really, I COULD NOT CARE LESS if government employees wear a seat belt, I care that they will steal your money if you (Citizen Maggots), do not wear one. This Deputy has lost his integrity, He breaks laws he is paid to enforce. He is not exempt from Mi seat belt law! Look It UP!. His word in court would have no credibility, He has already broken his Sworn Oath. He tells me just be sure to make it to court. I was looking forward to that day with my documents in hand! He was a no show, I’m betting he had to be on the road , keeping people safe and write some tickets. Ticket Dismissed. Yea! I would believe this Deputy, NOT

From the camera man

Amazing Video

Just a wow set of clips, some I have posted the full videos. But still an awesome compiled video.

How could you compete with this?

It starts tomorrow

Quick Portrait Spraypaint Art

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