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And Marvel X-Men go full on End of the World

Civil war looks pretty awesome

We will miss you Dan

Great movie, 1974, remember it like it was yesterday.

The movie that will break records

Shatter records

This is gold, two guys talking about making movie magic

Harrison Ford

Jon Favreau

4k Slow Motion fire Tornado

Theater of the future?

I guess when you can’t sell tickets because 90% of the films are not worth watching until they show up on Netflix or in a REDBOX you have to do something to get people to come to the movies.

I like the Alamo Drafthouse did this kind of thing without the PREMIUM Seating, but this is kinda insane. I did a check and it is $56 for 2 people for a movie locally in Houston. Before food and drink. I can see someone with big money wanting to go out to do this and have a good time.

Great entertainers – Great talk

ohn Cleese in conversation with Eric Idle at Live Talks Los Angeles

It is quite impressive!


Wednesday October 21, 2015

40 years later and still brilliant

Monty Python is one of the greatest acting troupes ever, EVER, EVER.

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