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Awesome ride

This is so cool, such a great set of video, and worth watching.

Insane Motorcycle racers

Isle of Man race

Terror, speed, destruction, deadly. This is not for the weak or meek!

Yamaha has a new concept Motorcycle

I really like the style and idea. Lightweight, looks great, very efficient.

Click the link to check out more. Now we need Travis Pastrana to jump something in it! LOL

Great Fails of 2011

Face mashing madness

Amazing Video

Just a wow set of clips, some I have posted the full videos. But still an awesome compiled video.

Crazy good times

Monster Trucks

Yep, this is pretty awesome.

It starts tomorrow

So Insane – Well of Death

Motorcycles, and CARS! Wow, is this crazy.

Transformers Motorcycle

Very interesting concept. But too many moving parts to break. Doesn’t seem solid. Gimmick!

Jumping Tower Bridge with a backflip

13th July.
FMX legend Robbie Maddison pulls off yet another incredible stunt, jumping Tower Bridge with a backflip.

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