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John has a Drinking Problem

Ridicule is not enough for the FDA on this issue. Stupid FDA

Gauss – Home Built

Electromagnetic field used to pull the bullet down a barrel and launch
Pretty cool and well done for a home built

Power isn’t there just yet but it is a start. I wonder how many years until this is the way to shoot?

The Judge

A quick lesson on the Constitution and the new Health Control Bill

George Whitesides: A lab the size of a postage stamp

Traditional lab tests for disease diagnosis can be too expensive and cumbersome for the regions most in need. George Whitesides’ ingenious answer, at TEDxBoston, is a foolproof tool that can be manufactured at virtually zero cost.

About George Whitesides
In his legendary career in chemistry, George Whitesides has been a pioneer in microfabrication and nanoscale self-assembly. Now, he’s fabbing a diagnostic lab on a chip.

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