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High Voltage Eraser for CD/DVD

This is amazing to watch the metal get blown away by the volts!

Quick Lightsaber Duel for Friday

RvB2: Ryan vs. Brandon 2

Makes me wonder how hard it is to make a movie anymore.
Effects are perfect, better than anything Lucasfilm or Dreamworks is putting out.

Just need a good plot and script. Not bogus or boring.

SuperBot – Beyond Tomorrow

Interesting Transforming Robot

Research project from USC-ICI Polymorphic Robot Department.

Here it is in motion


Really interesting information about Mars. I don’t think there IS life there, but I think we could PUT life there. That may be pretty interesting.

And so it begins…. The Era of Light Computers

I knew about 20 years ago that someone was going to make a computer that worked with fiber optics or light. Looks like IBM did it. And it should have been my first guess now that I think about it.

IBM Researchers Create Device Which Uses Light for Communication Between Computer Chips

IBM scientists unveiled a significant step towards replacing electrical signals that communicate via copper wires between computer chips with tiny silicon circuits that communicate using pulses of light. As reported in the recent issue of the scientific journal Nature, this is an important advancement in changing the way computer chips talk to each other.

The device, called a nanophotonic avalanche photodetector, is the fastest of its kind and could enable breakthroughs in energy-efficient computing that can have significant implications for the future of electronics.

The IBM device explores the avalanche effect in Germanium, a material currently used in production of microprocessor chips. Analogous to a snow avalanche on a steep mountain slope, an incoming light pulse initially frees just a few charge carriers which in turn free others until the original signal is amplified many times. Conventional avalanche photodetectors are not able to detect fast optical signals because the avalanche builds slowly.

The avalanche photodetector demonstrated by IBM is the worlds fastest device of its kind. It can receive optical information signals at 40Gbps (billion bits per second) and simultaneously multiply them tenfold. Moreover, the device operates with just a 1.5V voltage supply, 20 times smaller than previous demonstrations. Thus many of these tiny communication devices could potentially be powered by just a small AA-size battery, while traditional avalanche photodetectors require 20-30V power supplies.

Lightsaber Duel

Great to see that anyone can make an excellent lightsaber video. Well done, very professional stunts and effects. I want to see them do some more.


I do NOT think this is a “Leaked” video found on a chair in some airport.

It is interesting.

Iron Man 2 New Trailer – Released

Watch it now! “Iron Man 2” hits theaters May 7, 2010.

Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, aka the super hero Iron Man in this sequel to the 2008 blockbuster. RDJ, Paltrow, Cheadle and Rockwell are joined by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Mickey Rourke as Whiplash. Jon Favreau once again takes up the directorial reins for Marvel’s armored avenger.

You know I WILL BE THERE for this one.

Fake Stuff – Radar and Laser detector and Jammers

Turns out that Radar Stealth and Radar and Laser Jammers for speeding ARE Fake. Just as I have always suspected.

Always seems to be too good to be true. Then it is. What a suck SCAM!

The K40 Calibre radar detector and laser jammer was tested by a group of enthisiasts called “The Guys of Lidar” from the popular radar detector and jammer forum

In this video the K40 laser jammer failed to jam any of the police lidar devices that were shot at the vehicle during the test.

Also during the radar detector portion of the test the K40 radar detector performed worse then the $65.00 Cobra radar detector units that were also reviewed.

The K-40 radar detector antenna is manufatured by Escort Radar and is based on one of their models dating back to the early 90’s.

The K-40 radar can be detected by the rdd devices police use to detect radar detectors such as the Spectre, so this unit does not live up to the manufactures claims of being stealth!

Dealers who sell/install this remote mounted radar detector pay $500.00 wholesale and charge as much as $2500.00 for a typical installation.This is much more than the Escort’s newest model the Escort 9500ci that is completely immune to the Spectre and all other RDD devices and also includes GPS photo enforcement database along with automatic detection and filtering of false alerts.

Also the Escort 9500ci, along with the dash model the Escort 9500ix, have as much as ten times the range of this radar detector.

There are several websites that review this device in more detail such as and

Blending Lasers!

Of course it blends!

Yeah, he is crazy. Laser pointers get funky in a Blendtec blender!

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