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Wow video

No sound needed, but total suspense.

I am going to laugh about this for 10 years

This is amazing

Totally do NOT watch this unless you want to laugh

No, you probably can NOT do this

It is insane


Alexander Shtifanov from Ukraine has some serious skills!!

If you need to learn anything, 2 points, they play American music in the Ukraine, and they say WOW just like anyone else.

This is pretty awesome skill

And it has been a while since I posted a juggler act.

Yeah, I say …. Crazy Man

Don’t play cards with people

This is proof there is no fair card game.

Amazing Video

Just a wow set of clips, some I have posted the full videos. But still an awesome compiled video.

Most of my days are just like this

German Wheel

Fun at the Circus!

Raspyni Brothers: Welcome to Vaudeville 2.0

From TED conf. Nice repeat. Illustrious jugglers the Raspyni Brothers show off their uncanny balance, agility, coordination and willingness to sacrifice (others). Now, if you’ll just stand completely still…

A perfect Gymnastic Performance and AMAZING

At the end you see them cheer and hug behind her. Perfect.

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