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Zebra in Texas

This guy is great, funny and knows more about horses than many other so called professionals.

Wild Horses of Mongolia – With Julia Roberts

Amazing film

Crazy Rides

Tommy is insane.

It starts tomorrow

Mini Movie of Paul Revere

10 Minutes but worth it

Minnesota State Fair – Great Video

Midwest Brigadoon – trailer from Ochen K. on Vimeo.

Some great editing and video

I miss Ronald Reagan

100 Year Birthday, of the Great Communicator, responsible for years of prosperity in the USA.

Bonanza Theme Song – Sung by Johnny Cash!

Ever wonder what the Lyrics were?


Wow, I never knew this existed.

Budweiser Trubute to 9/11

They are great at doing these things, and this is very moving.

Warriors of WWII – Unsung contribution

Heroes save hundreds of lives. These animals saved hundreds of lives in ways you would never expect.

FoxNewsChannel | July 22, 2010

National World War II Museum features loyal animals of war
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