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Amazing skating at 5000 feet

The Greatest sports story ever told


Sorry to see North St. Paul didn’t make it

Little HOCKEY warmup with “The Hanson Brothers”

The Chiefs
Some NSFW language here

The second hockey fight starting when Steve Hanson punches the opposite team member square in the face after catching a hard look.

Don’t try the old tyme hockey without some skill!

Cool News from my Hometown

Bret graduated from my high school 1 year behind me, I was class of 87 and Bret was class of 88. Nice to see him come back to the hometown, and our school and share the Stanley Cup. Watch a really great video of Hockey Great and Champion Bret Hedican. FYI the SNOWMAN is an Minnesota ICON and LANDMARK. And it is nice that they honored Bret By adding his number and team colors to the SNOWMAN. Thanks Bret, Hope you have more great seasons in the NHL!

Goalie – The Cool Kind! Hockey

When I was a kid, this guy was the one we watched. A guy that is Hall of Fame Material. Played for years on the signature Hockey Teams of the NHL. Don Beaupre, catch some cool ice action.

Thanks for the Great Games Don!

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