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July 11, 1804

A bucket list item for sure

Full screen, volume up, and watch to the end.

I want to go and see this in person, and it would be great.

2013 – 202 MPH Oh Yeah

Killer Toilet Brush

Okay, he did get pretty far out there on this one, but why not?

DEFENSE DISTRIBUTED Does it again, AK47 Mag 30 Round

Welcome to TEXAS, where gun control is hitting your target.

The FUTURE is here, and it is open source

Crazy Russian with AA-12 full auto Shotgun

Morrow Project players will love this video.

How is that national conversation going?

Tastes like Dianne Finestein’s lunch!

Published on Jan 12, 2013

A little American ingenuity.

Download today at

God Bless Texas! LOL

Listen Closely – So we don’t have to repeat it again

Calling Shotgun

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