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Super troopers always was funny, this is just a great scene

John Wick Chapter 2 looks pretty good

I liked the first, this one is looking good.

Mega cool LEGO

Best Quotes – Clint Eastwood

170 one liners that zing and sting

The best response to the RANT

All the bad words have been bleeped. So totally safe for work. Uncomfortable truth coming so enjoy.

40w Laser Shotgun

Yes, you read that right

Now what was it that

The Terminator

Asked for in that gun shop?

“Phased Plasma Rifle in 40 Watt Range”

The future of military rifles is here now…

Killing a GoPro

With a cannon in slow motion.


If Kevin Vickers ever has to buy his own beer again it will be a crime

Sergent-at-Arms of the Canadian Parliament

This guy is a real treasure, and Canada has always had real MEN on watch.

They should give him the highest honor and nobody should ever ask him to pay for a meal, a drink, or a place to stay. Everyone should be looking out for him for the rest of his life, just as he did for all of Canada.

Best movie cut

How to deal with black widows

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