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Carry on for FRIDAY

Crank the volume and listen

Get FREE 30 days of Amazon Prime! Awesome

Jimmy, Jeff, and Eric – Stairway – EPIC

If you saw this show, and this set, you were at the apex of rock guitar of the time. THE Song, and THE Guitar players, and where do you get a double neck Gibson SG 12 and 6 string? Well if you are Jimmy Page you have a SIGNATURE model of the thing made and it is the COOLEST Guitar ever made.

Rebel Yell – So awesome

Live acoustic, and that voice still makes the song.

Need a little more time?

Strange Music Comedy

Not too often do you see a video as freaky as this one. I know German, and even I don’t get what the heck it really is about!

Enjoy the spectacle.

Funny time waste – worth the time IMHO

Fun day at the Airport!

Guy has a great voice!

Frozen… With Fallon and the Roots

This is a major departure from the original, more fun!

Wonkey Donkey

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