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Texas Flood

Magic is real sometimes – Just not how you think

Some items have power because they exist. Some items become powerful, some things are worth a lot of money because they are made of expensive pieces. Some things are worth more than price can place on them.

This item, belongs to a man. Its value is because of the man. Without the man, it is only for a museum to prove the man gave it value. To see it, and understand it, and yet no one could recreate it.
It is in itself just an object.
It is only a guitar
But as a guitar it holds up a man
As a man, without his guitar it would still be a man
Together, there is magic
Together there is something that we all see and understand
Together the music comes out
Separate will be a terrible day
The ending of this partnership will be awful
The music will remain as an echo of the pair

Guitar is the instrument of the 20th century

And Les Paul is the creator of this legacy

Rockin out in the old folks home

Missed a lot of posts – Catching up with some OVERKILL

A little Junior Brown


Wednesday October 21, 2015

Billy Idol still ROCKS

love this new tune

No Wood – Just the Metal for a guitar

Reminds me of the TERMINATOR

I’d run a strip of color LEDs down the acrylic back strap, but that is me, I’m a little flashy!

Owning the Crowd – Playing for all you can

This is the all time highest water mark for a live performance, I’ve never heard of such control of a set. Live Aid was massive, Queen had MINUTES to play to the stadium. They took the crowd and played the greatest set on stage, to FANS that were in the moment. I wish I could have been there for this one. The passion, the feeling, the sound, everything came together perfectly.

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