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Don’t talk to Police — EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!


Back on March 13th I said how much I love to Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo

Old Fair Post from the 13th

So of course we went last night on the March 29th, 2008. I have some great photos of the Little Kangaroo named Candy. Last year she licked my hand and grabbed me with her claws to hold me so I wouldn’t go away. This year I took some pictures to prove it!

Candy Roo 1CandyRoo2Candy Roo 4Candy the Kangaroo 5

Candy the Kangaroo 8 And she is so beautiful!

Here are some of the rest of the guys at the petting zoo

DeerDeer 2Llama Shadow1Llama 2Goat Mountain 5

All pictures © 2008 Corey Langeslay – All rights reserved – Images are for exclusive use of and Corey LangeslayI’ll keep you up to date with more later!

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