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How could you compete with this?

MIT Algae Photobioreactor – Cleans Coal Plants Output

The Science is moving things forward fast.

This should be here now. It is coming soon!

If it can show Alan Alda how to use coal, it should convince anyone. From the PBS Science Program of a few years ago.

An algae photobioreactor on the roof of MIT university.

The clear polycarbonate tubes are approx 3 meters high, and 10-20 centimeters in diameter.

It removes upto 86% of the NOx and 40% of the CO2 of the smokestack emissions that are bubbled through it. The algae are feeding on exhaust with 13% CO2 content. This size algae photobioreactor can’t handle the entire exhaust emissions, it would need to be much larger for that.

This photobioreactor you see here on the roof of MIT, has since been dismantled and reassembled in Naboomspruit (now called Mookgopong) South Africa at a biodiesel plant.

Building a Tiny House

Jay is working on some great ideas. I like them a lot!

Clara is 93, and what she can teach us is still important!

Clara grew up during the great depression. And if we pay attention we ourselves may survive the current problems. A bit of down to earth advice would do us all some good.

Don’t talk to Police — EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!

GARDEN – War with UGLY

Read a news article from New Zeland, and I love the idea. “Shock garden troops attack urban eyesores”, meaning they go out and beautify public land by cleaning up ugly spots and planting flowers, and vegetables. God love these folks, we all could use some more beauty in the world. Sounds like they are taking ownership of the public duty to clean up things. There was a time when people took pride in their city and swept the sidewalks and picked up the garbage on the public paths and roads. These fine folks are doing their share to make the public spaces better. Check out the article below.

Shock garden troops attack urban eyesores ARTICLE Click Here

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