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More Secure Ideas – Email and bounce back

Turn off email read receipts. Hackers will gather information from your systems and know if you read the emails. It would also alert them that the email address is valid and since you opened it, they know it is a functioning path to get to you with a click link Trojan or virus or spear fishing attack.
Turn off your email out of office notifications. Most people are connected 24/7 and can respond to urgent requests. Sending out an out of office email will give away other emails or names for the hacker to attempt to contact. This also allows the hacker to know you are not in and they can time an email attack to when you return and maybe busy so you make a mistake and click a link that you normally wouldn’t.
If any of your software bounces back a response from a device you want to disable those notifications for external senders. Often the bounce notice gives away the software or hardware that is sending the message. Microsoft Outlook or Barracuda firewalls may give out information to the hacker on their next attack.
Remember, what software the company runs, and who is in those roles in the company can be valuable information for the next round of cyber attacks. Stay alert!

Chinese Security Cameras – Not so secure to have

Apparently Chinese security cameras are probably insecure, but nearly impossible to remove from society at this point.

MAC and ZOOM – Bad issues

You really need to cover your webcam on your Mac Book. And uninstall doesn’t work on this app. So, be prepared for this to be an ongoing issue. Looks like the people who wrote the app seem unconcerned about the problem as well. Another ZERO day Exploit issue. More detail at the link below.

Quick hit Tedx talk worth watching

VPN insecure

China owns a lot of VPNs

Cybersecurity UPDATE for GRID infrastructure

Apparently everything old is new again.

Senate passes cybersecurity bill to decrease grid digitization, move toward manual control


Passing the CISSP Advice

People can breach your physical security

Some people are freaks of nature. They are able to get past all of your security. They can bypass anything you put in front of them.

VPN and Firewall for your iPhone

I’m looking at this as a solution to keep data safe on mobile devices. This looks promising since it will stop a lot of intrusive tracking of users while on their mobile devices. As things progress, I expect to see this getting picked up as an enterprise requirement for access to corporate systems instead of just a VPN. Also expect an android version to follow soon.

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