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Balance 3000+ Coins on Top of a Single Dime

Coin stacking gone crazy.

Key getting Hot with Electricity

And a 25 cent Euro too

Sack of Rome by the Visigoths on 24 August 410

Only a short 1600 years ago

Alaric and the Visigoths sacked Rome.

Some things are pretty interesting if you read all about them. Even 1600 years can go by and we have a pretty good account of what happened and how and why. I am amazed now at what information we have access to and as time goes on we are adding to the knowledge of mankind for the future generations.

Still no free samples

Another little presentation on the new $100 bill

I have no idea!

New 100 being made

Milton Friedman – The Great Depression Myth

Milton Friedman explodes the myth that the Great Depression was produced by a failure of private enterprise.

Penny Shooting Business Card

Penny Shooting Business Card
10 Round Magazine
Rubber Band Powered

Shooter in the video just needs some practice. I can see major trouble being caused by this little toy.

Why I collect Silver Coins!

Dr. Thomas E Woods Jr discusses the wealth-destroying Federal Reserve and its real world impact on American citizens. Woods identifies the FED as “the great enabler of the perversion of the original American republic into the world’s largest and most powerful government.”

Make your own metal detector

Kinda geeky, but cheap and works!

Or just buy one below

Atocha Treasure

More Treasure! Finding the Atocha. Very interesting look at a career treasure hunter, searching for the most famous of lost ships.

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