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Very Cool

People can do some really wild and crazy things

Shocking Baseball

If you run onto the field in a Cardinals Game, be warned, you could be tazed bro!

iBama – Vain

George Will – Knocks it out of the park
Over the weekend, only one guy got it exactly right, and it was George. The best analysis you could have.

You Make the Call

Awesome behind the back flip, but is he OUT?? You make the call. Baseball rules says TIE Goes to the Runner. But was the flick of the ball so cool that he gets him out by amazment? Watch and you tell me.. I can’t decide. Joe was right to go out, and the replay is so tight. Just a wow baseball moment.

Rick Monday

If you don’t know who Rick Monday is, this should help you out. One of the greatest moments in baseball. Someone who takes ACTION while others would sit back.

If I ever meet Rick, the beer is on me. Take pride Rick, when the nation watched, you didn’t let it down.

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