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Party ON

Ultron – Nasty

And the BAM he blows your mind!


When men wore major makeup and lipstick, and women wore HUGE glasses. Loved the 80’s it was wild.

Iron Man 3

Once in a while, a 3rd movie is so good that you have to see it…

MARVEL has made it’s bones on the best characters, and the movies reflect that here.

Bustin the myths

Dover.D Escalator Art

Pretty cool idea, concept, to test design, to implement.

Rare you see the stages of someone’s street art project. The complex nature of Escalators and how difficult it is to make something that flows like this is interesting to me.

History today

But that one missed a spot…. 1956 – US explodes 1st airborne hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll

Mega Size Tetris

This looks way too fun to be legal

Freaky Bot

Yes, these things are nightmares waiting to happen. I predict they kill people in 20 years with giant creations like this.

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