Another day, and more info on Capital One Hack

AWS is getting a hard look by the FBI, and other companies are working on assessment. Remember the cloud is just somebody else’s computers. How well it is all secured is important.

Ask yourself is the price for that cloud service just too cheap? Often you get what you pay for as one comment says in the above article. You are getting cheap offshore H1B people who are making $20/hour. They may not take it as seriously as you think they should.
Constant reassessment of your security risk and updating security as things change is often your best defense. Apparently this is just the start, expect that we will keep seeing more come out, and other things get uncovered just because everyone is looking this direction. AWS will have people crawling all over it for a while, ask yourself if you should be looking at AZURE or Google as well, and the answer is obviously, YES.

More and different info at the link below.

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