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Tom Sawyer

Classic Rock Anthem

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Blondie – Classic tune

All time one of my favorite songs, never get tired of this

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Large Format Tintype made for Adam Savage

Yeah, you really were a magician back in the 1800s doing photography.

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Super Knife build from a file

When DIRESTA does it, it has to be good

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Theater of the future?

I guess when you can’t sell tickets because 90% of the films are not worth watching until they show up on Netflix or in a REDBOX you have to do something to get people to come to the movies.

I like the Alamo Drafthouse did this kind of thing without the PREMIUM Seating, but this is kinda insane. I did a check and it is $56 for 2 people for a movie locally in Houston. Before food and drink. I can see someone with big money wanting to go out to do this and have a good time.

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40 Years later – Remember BIG FITZ

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Sam – And a Happy Life

If you think about it, you get whatever you get. Be happy when you can!

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The law is the LAW

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Master Penman

Yeah, it is a rare thing.

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Scary deadly animals

Wow, this is scary, deadly, crazy. Avoid at all costs.

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