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Messing with Drew

Who’s line is it anyway was an all time great funny TV show, all improv, all funny. Humor that kept me laughing.

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Fun stuff

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All the GOLD

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The best response to the RANT

All the bad words have been bleeped. So totally safe for work. Uncomfortable truth coming so enjoy.

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Hypnotic cake decoration

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Modern Headless Horseless Carriage rides – for fast food

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Inspire others

This guy is awesome, and hopefully it takes off and changes everything we think about honoring our fallen soldiers.

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More cool inventions

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No Wood – Just the Metal for a guitar

Reminds me of the TERMINATOR

I’d run a strip of color LEDs down the acrylic back strap, but that is me, I’m a little flashy!

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Don’t ever forget

Some strong language and serious video that may upset some.

At 22:25 is the engineer who designed the buildings, his words are important.

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