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Stunning Drone Footage

The top ones off of YouTube – Make sure you go full screen and HI DEF

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Uplifting and amazing

Real talent

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Obsessive creative SUPERCAR

This guy has been building automotive one off machines for a long time, but the creative art is in every piece.

AMG Twin Turbo V-12 on a 3000 Lb. Curb weight car, 6 Liter 730 HP…. Fast.

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Amazing life – Benjamin Franklin

Advanced Science and saved countless lives and uncountable property
Wrote famous works that are still in print and phrases that are common use today
Created a new musical instrument that was used by some of the greatest composers ever
Grew from nothing to wealth by his own hard work
FIRST Postmaster of America
First lending library created in new world

Yeah, he deserves the great praise.

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