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Boing goes the Cat

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Super Hydrophobic

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A car of dreams

If they are nightmares

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First sight on the wedding day

Amazing short video, true that this is one of life’s most special moments.

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It is a BIG place

One of my favorite places

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Who the Harp

No Pete Townesend Windmills

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Build a PLANE

I built the P-51 but for someone with kids, this is cool.

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Build your own fun RC F-22 Raptor!

We show you how to assemble your FT-22 Raptor!

If you need a speed build kit, check out the store:…

For FREE build plans, check out the article:…

Check out the overview video:…

Tips for applying Minwax:…

Tips for elevon mixing:…

Or, for more Flite Test:

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