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All about that base – Star Wars edition? LOL yep

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All I want for Christmas

SEMA is kind of ridiculous, most of the time, with everyone from tuners to manufacturers unveiling their most extreme—and often most tasteless—takes on everything from the family minivan to the heaviest super-duty trucks. But one item on display at SEMA this year is utterly badass.

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It’s Ken Block’s Hoonicorn RTR, an 845-hp all-wheel-drive retro-modern 1965 Ford Mustang built to do what Block does best: hoon. It will be featured in Gymkhana 7.

“I’m stoked to be able to publicly unveil this car for the first time at SEMA in the Ford booth,” said Block. “This is a project that I’ve been working on for two years, so to see it fully come to fruition and be able to drive it for Gymkhana SEVEN was absolutely amazing. I also knew that working with Vaughn [Gittin Jr.] and his RTR team was the right choice for this project since Mustang’s are their world, but they really went above and beyond on this car. The attention to detail with the fabrication and bodywork blows my mind. This is hands-down the best Gymkhana car I’ve had yet.”

Sporting a Roush-Yates 410-cubic-inch (that’s 6.7 liters) V-8 engine, the Hoonicorn was built over a period of two years at North Carolina’s ASD Motorsports, with the help of RTR, Vaughn Gittin Jr’s tuning brand.

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A Sadev all-wheel-drive system (built just for the car), six-speed transmission, some rather flamboyant body work inspired by WRC and DTM, and a hellaciously mean graphics package—plus some rather comely bronze wheels—complete the package.

Is this almost certainly the most interesting Mustang to come along in years? Yes. Is it perhaps the most badass ever? We’ll have to wait for Gymkhana 7 to find out. (Update NO, you DON’T, it is here in all of it’s glory!)

Or just get the crazy cart XL

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2001 a remix

Funky and fun

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Christmas is Coming

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Artist magic clay

The exhibit “Icheon: Reviving the Korean Ceramic Tradition” was on display at the American Museum of Ceramic Art, AMOCA from October 12th- December 29th, 2013.
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If you would like to learn more about the five Master Hands and the fascinating history of dojagi–Korean ceramics–stay tuned for the release of A Thousand Year Journey, the tale of an art that was lost and the men who revived it.
Teaser Video –…

Music Credit: “Piano”

The American Museum of Ceramic Art is honored to present ICHEON: Reviving the Korean Ceramics tradition, an unprecedented exhibition organized by Icheon, South Korea. Icheon has a history of ceramic culture that began over 5000 years ago and has a reputation for its internationally renowned ceramics cultural events. Now Icheon has reached out to an American institution for the very first time. As the premiere exhibition of its kind in the United States, ICHEON will present over 230 objects never before seen on American soil that exemplify the revival of the ceramics tradition in Korea from antique techniques to contemporary innovations.

Founded in 2001 and opened in September, 2004, AMOCA is one of the few museums in the United States devoted exclusively to ceramic art and historic innovations in ceramic technology. It is located in an area abounding with ceramic history and internationally recognized clay artists from the Arts and Crafts Movement, the 60’s Clay Revolution and the current Studio Pottery Era. Geographically, the building is located in an urban downtown district where art is an important element of the continuing and successful community revitalization program. The home community consists of a rich ethnic mix and a large academic constituency with approximately fifteen institutions of higher learning within an eight-mile radius.
You can visit for more information.

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This is part of what we should be working on

Future is in the past? No way! I want the Boeing SST to be made in modern materials and design.

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Thor’s Hammer – Wow, now with more good stuff

Marvel age of Ultron is going to rock

Freaking awesome!

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Merry Christmas!

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Omega Speedmaster – Moon and NASA – THE Watch

Precision and master craftsmanship here!

Watchfinder & Co. presents: Inside the Omega Speedmaster, a demonstration of the intricacies of the Omega calibre 1151. WF&Co. Head Watchmaker Tony Williams shows you how this movement is taken apart and reassembled.

A History of the Omega Speedmaster:

There aren’t many watches that can claim the same kind of heritage as Omega’s Speedmaster. First seen in 1957, it entered one of the toughest competitions a watch could ever face: the race to become NASA’s standard issue timepiece. Eight long years later, following a series of gruelling tests that pitted it against extreme temperature, pressure, noise and vibration, the Speedmaster was officially titled ‘. . . flight qualified by NASA for all manned space missions.’

But that hadn’t stopped the Speedmaster from visiting the stars in the meantime. Walter ‘Wally’ Schirra, astronaut on board the 1962 Mercury Atlas 8 mission, had already taken an example of the watch up with him in an unofficial capacity. In the three years to follow before the watch was officially adopted by NASA, it underwent various modifications to meet the space agency’s satisfaction.

First to go were the broadarrow hands, replaced by thin, high-contrast ones. Then the bezel was inverted to be white-on-black instead of black-on-silver. The crystal was also specified in plexiglass rather than the harder and more modern sapphire equivalent; a shattering crystal was not something NASA wanted to have happen. The finished moonwatch (as it became known following its famous trip in 1969 on board Apollo XI) served with NASA for many long years, earning many accolades along the way. It’s easy to argue that the Speedmaster is one of the greatest contributions to history watchmakers have ever made, along with Harrison’s marine chronometer and Breguet’s tourbillon.

For more information on WF&Co.,

WARNING! This demonstration was undertaken by a professional watchmaker for entertainment purposes only. This is NOT a guide for servicing a watch. The watch featured in the video is NOT being serviced. DO NOT attempt to replicate this video on your own watch.

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