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Take Better Profile Pictues

Great little help vid by Samsung. 😛

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Road TRIP!

Crazy ride, I’ve seen this road before in other videos, this is amazing what people will do to drive their car someplace.

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Nobody is in there

LOL, of course there is a great gag here, but still worth watching.

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Awesome history

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SpaceX – The future Dragon V2

Amazing new world. But the FLAG on the side is American!

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History of Guitar Solo

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Laugh – the end is the best

This show hits on so many levels.

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“Baby Got Back:” Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony

Okay, pretty wild, you get a crowd of women to show up on stage, and EVERYONE can sing along. Backed by the Seattle Symphony.

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10 years later – WOW am I old

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The Big Lake

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