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Where do GREAT ideas come from?

Interesting answer

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Casino Fight Scene from Kung Fu Hustle

This has to be one of the great movies of all time.

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If you haven’t seen it with your own eyes. It is worth watching. I stopped by the side of the road one late night in Minnesota to watch the colors across the sky and lost track of time in the Winter night. It was awesome.

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The Wolverine – a MUST SEE

Marvel keeps hitting them out of the park like this and they will make Disney more than Lucasfilm could.
If only George Lucas had this kind of vision and a million comic books and some of the greatest Hero stories.

Next would be a genius that would really make a CONAN movie like Robert E. Howard wrote them and not the trash that came out later. Or a H.P. Lovecraft movie like the HOUND or the Dunwich Horror.

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So awesome

This is the best prank set I’ve seen in a long time.

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Money for Nothing – Wierd Al

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Charles Ramsey interview – Saves

and the remix

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Hang on dude, you are crazy!

Do NOT do this, this guy is lucky to be alive. It never is worth it to risk your life for a fender bender. The lady is in deep trouble now.

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Killer Toilet Brush

Okay, he did get pretty far out there on this one, but why not?

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