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Dover.D Escalator Art

Pretty cool idea, concept, to test design, to implement.

Rare you see the stages of someone’s street art project. The complex nature of Escalators and how difficult it is to make something that flows like this is interesting to me.

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Dire on Whistle

Friday Rock

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I am going to laugh about this for 10 years

This is amazing

Totally do NOT watch this unless you want to laugh

No, you probably can NOT do this

It is insane


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Would you do this job?

And what kind of person has this job?

What does it pay?

What is the motivation for having this job?

What do you put on a resume?

What do you do next?

Is there a career path?

I have a thousand questions like these, and sadly, I can only guess at most of the answers.

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Fire Chain Reaction

It does use a lot of fire… But that is okay.

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Sub service

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Blake Edwards at the Peak of his Art

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Behind the Magic

December 2012

I will finally want to go to the movies again.

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Alexander Shtifanov from Ukraine has some serious skills!!

If you need to learn anything, 2 points, they play American music in the Ukraine, and they say WOW just like anyone else.

This is pretty awesome skill

And it has been a while since I posted a juggler act.

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Soothing Music and Implosions

Some fun for Friday

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