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Nice little tune

Joanne Kelly – Dresden Files and Warehouse 13 – A nice divergence from her Sci-Fi stuff to a little Rock Country song.

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Mega Size Tetris

This looks way too fun to be legal

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I have done some slick slides in winter driving. This is pretty lucky.

I went a full 360 in one lane at speed and didn’t hit a thing. Very bad memory, this is very close to what it was like. Without the psycho head on idiot trying to kill me.

Heart pounding crazy.

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Off Road Wheels on Your Feet = 1923

That off road rollerblades was hip in 1923

Proof that kids today are into RETRO

Recycle tech

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Crazy Reaction

I don’t know how to describe the riot that must have happened in the Philippines when this announcement came on TV. But if this is a typical one, it was insane on the streets. After a few seconds skip to 2:20 if you want to see the freak out.

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Still funny – A Friday funny

One of 100 uncomfortable funny jokes in the movie.

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Attractive idea

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Cats are Awesome

Mine do crazy stuff, not this bad, but crazy stuff.

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Get out of the LINE!

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Maybe it should be all FIGHT CLUB

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