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Minnesota State Fair – Great Video

Midwest Brigadoon – trailer from Ochen K. on Vimeo.

Some great editing and video

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Do they ever wonder?

Do Police and Sheriff officers ever wonder why they are mistrusted?

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Yes, I still call them BUMS, lazy and lay about slacker, scum. They need to work to provide for themselves. They are the bottom of the barrel. They deserve our scorn not our pity. This is the attitude that makes our poor the fattest in the world. Drug and Alcohol abusers. Shame is what they need to feel, lazy, slothful, and disgusting.

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As strange as all the fish in the Sea

If anyone else says this, remember how odd you are calling something!

Strange Fish

“Like the title says: In this video you can see some strange fishes found on a beach after the tsunami”

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Movie Titles actually spoke in the Movie

Some movies just say the phrase, others, they become classics with their titles.

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Cartoon Michael Berry – Love this Bit

I listen to AM 740 in Houston in the afternoon and the 950 when Michael Berry is on.

Love his bits of humor, and this caller is typical of the idiots he plays with on the air.

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Fly like an EAGLE!

Midnight Special never fails to get the great stuff.

This is another great Guitar, and look how young Steve Miller Looks.

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Ping Pong and Mouse Trap Chain Reaction

Worth watching twice!

Ping Pong balls set on mouse traps laid out on the tables, Introduce one free ball to bounce in, and bammo! They set all of them off.

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Art + Music

Vincent – By Don McLean
Art By Vincent Van Gogh

Beauty is in both. The paintings are so hard replicate in the depth and small paint dots. They are very diverse and interesting in new ways. Each has a piece of something new and the way it makes you feel.

The Music is a perfect blend of what I think of when I view Vincent’s paintings. Beauty and sadness, depth, and peace.

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Windows – Upgrades

I’ve appreciated Windows and it is well worth all the time I have spend using the OS.

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