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Monty Python – Live – Pope and Michelangelo

Could have been cool with the Kangaroo in the back! This is 3 things I know, Catholics, Art, Kangaroos.

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MIT Algae Photobioreactor – Cleans Coal Plants Output

The Science is moving things forward fast.

This should be here now. It is coming soon!

If it can show Alan Alda how to use coal, it should convince anyone. From the PBS Science Program of a few years ago.

An algae photobioreactor on the roof of MIT university.

The clear polycarbonate tubes are approx 3 meters high, and 10-20 centimeters in diameter.

It removes upto 86% of the NOx and 40% of the CO2 of the smokestack emissions that are bubbled through it. The algae are feeding on exhaust with 13% CO2 content. This size algae photobioreactor can’t handle the entire exhaust emissions, it would need to be much larger for that.

This photobioreactor you see here on the roof of MIT, has since been dismantled and reassembled in Naboomspruit (now called Mookgopong) South Africa at a biodiesel plant.

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Win Video for 2010

Pretty Good

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The Debt Clock Page

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I don’t trust the Houston Texas Police Department

Until they stop being a sanctuary city, this is just waste of our tax dollars!

Back to Orwell and 1984

I like the threats to the Media too, when they get on the trail of this kind of stuff the Police should not be covert, they should not hide this, and they should not threaten.

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Monty Python – Quiz Show

Live fun stuff

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Who Watches the Watchmen?

Apparently there is an app for the secret police.

It scares me when ALEX JONES is hitting them out of the park, I don’t fear anyone, but I fear the Police State.

Die Schutzstaffel (German SS) Geheimpolizei sind hier, und sie sind nicht auf Ihrer Seite.

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Dr. Evil and Scott on Jerry!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

I love how he goes after Jerry and Jerry fights back by Biting!

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Ice Slide on the Roads in Spokane

The bad decisions keep on going, people are doing insane things here.

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North Korea – Current Events

Now I understand so much more about North Korea

Read all about 1984

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