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Iron Man 2 out on DVD today

Go Get Em Boss!

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Gauss – Home Built

Electromagnetic field used to pull the bullet down a barrel and launch
Pretty cool and well done for a home built

Power isn’t there just yet but it is a start. I wonder how many years until this is the way to shoot?

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Halloween – The Great Pumpkin!

But Charlie got a Rock

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Cleanup after other people

As always. Good people clean up after other people’s mess.
Here is what happened to the dogs taken from Michael Vick

I hope he had to pay these good people a lot of money.

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Feelin Wiped Out

Or watching WIPEOUT

More fun than it should be….

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Funny Stuff from The Office

I originally wasn’t a fan of the office. I just didn’t watch. Then one day I watched it. Now I watch every one I can.

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Bonanza Theme Song – Sung by Johnny Cash!

Ever wonder what the Lyrics were?


Wow, I never knew this existed.

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Why the Jeep is Awesome

These guys are awesome too, but the Jeep is the star.

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Budweiser Trubute to 9/11

They are great at doing these things, and this is very moving.

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A Few Good Bradys

When the Brady Bunch makes fun of Tom, the Bacon, and Jack, you know it is a crazy world we live in.

Ok, then they go FATAL (THIS IS TOO WRONG!)

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