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Another Friday Guitar Music Day

I like it a lot!

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Nice little video to warm you up

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CodeAnthem is a kind of no nonsense code blog and webpage. Give it a read.

Worth your time to read. Maybe sign up on the main page if you really like it.

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Warriors of WWII – Unsung contribution

Heroes save hundreds of lives. These animals saved hundreds of lives in ways you would never expect.

FoxNewsChannel | July 22, 2010

National World War II Museum features loyal animals of war
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Must See Movie


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I Just DELETED my Facebook Profile

I decided that I didn’t want Facebook anymore, and was tired of the time it wasted. I gave them a chance, but for me, it was not fun.

I think it was the right choice for me, and I don’t care about 90% of the people I was linked to enough to read their daily blah crap.

It is quite nice now to NOT worry about what is on that web page ever again.

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What is in your pockets?

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Glock is #1 in Ratings

The reason GLOCK won

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Dressed in Yellow

Classic Young MC

Just Bust A Move!

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Bank Robbers – WOW video

Last September, masked, AK-47 armed, bank robbers landed a bell helicopter on a top of a Swedish bank. They broke in through a glass skylight, lowered a long ladder they assembled on the roof, climbed down, and used a kick butt super saw to open cages, before hoisting up on rope lines and flying away with all the loot.

Ten of them got caught and are going on trial next month so they’ve released the above footage of the crime itself. It is way way cool.

Sure, it’s not quite as flashy as Oceans 11, but come on, this was real. And what have you

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