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High Fidelity — Free on HULU Now!

This movie will expire at 5pm PDT on July 13

Jon Cusack and Jack Black

A lot to see and hear.

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Minnesota Girls

A funny little music video by Minnesota Girls about Minnesota Girls.
A why they are better than CALIFORNIA Girls!

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Blendtec vs. iPad


I love the way he fits it into the blender. Thanks Tom, I like it a lot.

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Friday Music

Charlie Rich

Keep on rolling with the flow

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Cops – Abuse of power

Abuse of power is the worst kind of abuse.
And these guys are the worst kind of Cops.

They Tazer him while prone on the ground and complying.
And why does it take 6 cops to deal with a guy that doesn’t like abuse?
They should all be fired, fined, and ashamed.

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What is the Wedding NIGHT going to be like?

Beyond being funny, I just think about the rest of her life. And what the heck is HE like?
And the Honeymoon? Gotta be interesting, but some guys like to be ordered around. And her outfit should have come with a whip and not a bouquet!

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Maybe we all have been BRAINWASHED

Or Maybe we should check out Mr. Brainwash and see.

Art in a different way.

Art, Mr. Brainwash,, stencil, artist, street art

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1st Day of Summer

No musical instruments, just the guys. Wise Guys sing a Summer song in German

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Candy and Lileks

I’ve been at a lot lately. And reading and laughing at a bunch too.

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Pianist and composer Jennifer Lin gives a magical performance

Pianist and composer Jennifer Lin gives a magical performance, talks about the process of creativity and improvises a moving solo piece based on a random sequence of notes.
About Jennifer Lin

Concert pianist and composer Jennifer Lin was only 14 when she performed at TED, drawing tears with her extraordinary improvisation.

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