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Iron Man 2 — Friday May 7, 2010

Watch it now! “Iron Man 2” hits theaters May 7, 2010.

Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, aka the super hero Iron Man in this sequel to the 2008 blockbuster. RDJ, Paltrow, Cheadle and Rockwell are joined by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Mickey Rourke as Whiplash. Jon Favreau once again takes up the directorial reins for Marvel’s armored avenger.

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Shocking Baseball

If you run onto the field in a Cardinals Game, be warned, you could be tazed bro!

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Still no free samples

Another little presentation on the new $100 bill

I have no idea!

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Blinded By The Light ~ Manfred Mann Earth Band

Another from the Midnight Special. Who can compete with a show that had THIS kind of great on every week. TV Sucks now, MTV Sucks now, VH1 Sucks, No contest, this was the Golden Age of Music Acts on TV.

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