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IBM Scientists First to Image the Anatomy of a Molecule

This is amazing stuff.
I wonder what then next thing will be?

As reported in the August 28 issue of Science magazine, IBM Research Zurich scientists Leo Gross, Fabian Mohn, Nikolaj Moll and Gerhard Meyer, in collaboration with Peter Liljeroth of Utrecht University, used an AFM operated in an ultrahigh vacuum and at very low temperatures ( 268oC or 451oF) to image the chemical structure of individual pentacene molecules. With their AFM, the IBM scientists, for the first time ever, were able to look through the electron cloud and see the atomic backbone of an individual molecule. While not a direct technological comparison, this is reminiscent of X-rays that pass through soft tissue to enable clear images of bones.

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Classic Country Comedy

Jerry Clower, a unique old school country comedian. Long before Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and the rest of the Blue Collar Guys. They watched Jerry when they were young. So here is great clean comedy.

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Michio Kaku: Physics made easier

Michio Kaku: Time Travel, Parallel Universes, and Reality
I was just thinking about this guy and came across an interview with Michio Kaku.

Speaking about his new book “Physics of the Impossible,” Dr. Kaku explains with how Physics one day may allow us to go back in time.
His books are mind expanding pieces of theory. Not full of wasted math and outrageous formulas. He is a bright and well spoken guy. Check it out.

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Remember the Alamo

Classic Johnny Cash

Gotta remember to re-post this on the anniversary.

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OMG! Rush plays the Rockband Game of themselves

Play ROCKBAND the GAME and their own songs

They only score 31%

Proving that the game is lame compared to Rock-n-Roll Icons

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It is all Explained

Neil Cavuto interviews security expert Robert Siciliano and Judge Andrew Napolitano regarding government’s latest assault on internet privacy.

Privacy and the separation of what the Government can find out about you legally.

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Once you learn to ride a bike

You still won’t ever be this good. Couldn’t take my eyes off of it.
Almost like a Circus act.

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Making a Legendary Musical Instrument – GIBSON

The best of the best, made for hall of fame.
Watch the making of a Gibson Guitar.
The best is made in the USA.

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This is the WTF Post of a lifetime

Don’t watch this video!
Don’t pretend you like it
Do NOT Email me about it
This is the BASS player from Hell (NOT Gene Simmons)
I don’t know what he is wearing
I think it is his own hair
I think it is an Anime character on the front of the bass that he is dressed in the same outfits
He has 30K hits on YOUTUBE per week
He has 1400 people that have subscribed to his YouTube Channel
Yes, I think he is insane
He is Japanese

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Literal Music Video Humor

If you haven’t caught the fad of literal music videos, you have to watch some of the best.

Back in the 80’s music videos were filled with stuff that had nothing to do with the songs. Here are comedy re-dos of some of those videos to sing what is happening in the video instead of what the original song was. Even funnier is they try to keep to the artist’s style.

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Biz Markie

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