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I miss Rodney Dangerfield

One of the greatest stand up acts of all time. Classic, clean, and funny.
So show some respect!

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Why I collect Silver Coins!

Dr. Thomas E Woods Jr discusses the wealth-destroying Federal Reserve and its real world impact on American citizens. Woods identifies the FED as “the great enabler of the perversion of the original American republic into the world’s largest and most powerful government.”

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How to beat the Lie Detector

Penn & Teller

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Funny – But was supposed to be scary!

So this is supposed to be scary. It is a LAUGH OUT LOUD RIOT.

I now make the EAAAYYYYAAAHHH noise around the house all the time.
This little guy would have been ripped apart by my dogs and chewed up into little Zuni Doll Bits, they’d love one of these. I am looking at buying one off of EBAY now. This is a Desk knick-knack if I ever saw one. (My Black Cat is meaner than this little guy!)

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Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo

I isn’t a dead man’s party, but who could ask for that. Instead it is the classic GONG SHOW with the MYSTIC KNIGHTS OF THE OINGO BOINGO. A must see in my estimation. Purple Dragons, Hot women with accordians, Rocket ships, face paint. No description would fit. Watch and be amazed. I loved it.

Oingo Boingo is a band folks. They are a REALLY COOL BAND, they have hit albums, they have been in movies, they are Modern Rock.

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Zombies! Watch out for them.

Zombies! Even back then they knew all about them. Bob Hope details what the key factor is.
You may be suprised.

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LMAO – Star Wars!

What REALLY happened at the Dinner Party with Vader in Empire Strikes Back?
Here is the lost footage. Enjoy a glass of water while you can Han.

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Simple Generator

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You are all a bunch of ANIMALS

About time for some Animal House don’t you think?

Ever Since Bluto was a zit, and Babs and Mandy were on screen. When Otter and Boone were out there scamming women, this is a Comedy Classic. It is near the top of all comedy films of all time. Take some time and pull it out of the back of your DVD Collection and watch it again.

Oh, How I wish I could go back to college with these guys. And be a DELTA!

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Julia Nunes again – Counting Crows

Creative, and fun.
Better than the original for me.

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