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Goodbye to my Kitty


Last night my favorite pet ever died. I’ve loved all of them, but he was my favorite from the start. My first cat. I will really miss him. He was always around, wanted to be near, and was the one I worried about the most. My Buddy. Merlin
And the one I will miss the most.

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Everyone can make a contribution

If you haven’t seen this, take a minute to watch. It is how business can be better. I think this is the key to humanity.

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A regular guy. 200 IQ

Most people are at 100, the really smart are 130 to 140. This guy is in the top if not at the top.

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Fireball to the Foe

I’ve thought for years that banning dangerous stuff is stupid. Smart people can make anything they want. Here is a simple fireball shooter. But could be adapted to all sorts of dangerous tools. Let them try to ban all the stuff you can be dangerous with! Hahaha! Here are the instructions. Be safe and follow the instructions closely!

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Make your own metal detector

Kinda geeky, but cheap and works!

Or just buy one below

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Atocha Treasure

More Treasure! Finding the Atocha. Very interesting look at a career treasure hunter, searching for the most famous of lost ships.

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Car and Driver votes FORD for Muscle Cars

Apparently the 2010 Mustang is the best overall for Car & Driver. They are pretty clear on why, but Bowtie and Mopar folks will cry. The Blue Oval is the winner in this round. 40 Years in the Making for this rematch. Ford Mustang GT Wins.

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Robot Warfare 2009

As we advance in technology, we have robots fight for us. The ultimate home hobby robot fights are here. I can’t take my eyes off of these battles and games. These creations are awesome. Watch with new eyes and see how people are creating the future.

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Firebomb – Almost too easy!

Just when you thought it was possible to ban everything dangerous. Everything became dangerous! Don’t do this, don’t try it. Just enjoy somebody else doing it.

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Dorm Fire Caught on 40K plus pictures

Ok, so it is an ONION Story, but this is what happens now in the digital age with college kids.
It is so funny because it hits so close to home.

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