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A fantastic Jazz Experience

Nina Simone — Sinnerman
Jazz from 1965 classic music that is heavily used in Movies and TV.
Featured in “The Thomas Crown Affair” (The remake)
And in a Christmas Episode of “Scrubs”
The Queen Really Loves this song too. Active and vibrant lyrics. So good, I listen to it often and it never seems overplayed!

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This Kid plays EAGLES “Hotel California” on the Guitar

Sungha plays ‘Hotel California’ arranged by Tomi Paldanius.

Now that is an understatement! This kid can really play great. Enjoy some of the other stuff he is doing on his Youtube account as well. This just stood out as a great performance. Bright future for him that is for sure.

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Rocket Time!

Virgin Galactic Rocket

Quote from the company.

As Virgin Galactic gets ever closer to the start of commercial operations, we are reaching and passing many important and historic milestones. The Virgin MotherShip (VMS) Eve, the first of our amazing, all carbon
composite, high altitude WhiteKnightTwo launch vehicles, is flying superbly. SpaceShipTwo, which will air launch from Eve, is largely constructed and awaiting the start of its own test flight programme later this year.

What does it all mean? Soon I will be able to buy my way into space and get off of this rock, just like they promised 40 years ago when we first landed on the moon. Now if we can get more rich smart people involved we could get there faster. I want my space vacation and my space ships sooner rather than later. WHY haven’t we landed on Mars yet? Why haven’t we colonized the moon? And what will it take to have a space station Hotel? This may be the best answer for now, but until we get more stuff going it is the ONLY comercial solution that works. More power to them!

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BACH! Giant Sized!

Back to BACH!
Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor

Just a little while ago I had a few vids of this. But these two put their full body into it!

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OK Go – Here It Goes Again

OK GO , they just passed 47 MILLION VIEWS on YOUTUBE
Might as well revisit an Internet Sensation!

Click the link below to watch it all over again in all of it’s glory!
Get the Song from Amazon now!

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Lesson from MIT on Electricity and Magnetism

Ever wonder how you can get some great classroom knowledge from MIT? Online of course! Another great lecture, I am very impressed with the “Review” before the test for the students. All the math, formulas, and explainations to take a solid smart person and give them more! Thanks MIT, you made my day!

Try to stay Awake for all that Math and enjoy the WILD HAIR (Einstein wannabe?) and Clothing choices of the instructor!

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USCG – 47 MLB – Tribute to the Sailors!

Gotta hand it to our USCG. They drive a mean boat!
Self rights in seconds, stainless steel, and great spec sheet. Enjoy the videos, and thanks to all of the Men and Women in the USCG.

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SUMO PAINT — Time Wasted but Enjoyed!

Tired of having a ton of free time? Here is a nifty PAINT in the Browser site. Enjoy!

Sumo Paint has a lot of cool little tools and you can save your work.

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Fallingwater — By LEGO

The great gang over at GIZMODO have a cool new Lego Set just being released. I used to live a few blocks away from a Frank Lloyd Wright designed building, always cool to see something this interesting out there in the market. Check out the link at Gizmodo.

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Slow Motion of a Fist to the Face

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