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Star Wars = Open for new concepts

Sometimes you aim for the biggest targets for parody and mockery, and also for homage. I’ve thought some things are made to be altered and improved. And Star Wars could be better. * I did see the 1st movie on my 7th birthday! Then I saw it 6 more times. So I did like the original. But I love the remixes and new takes on the old ideas. Here are a few new classic virals for Star Wars

Vader Sessions

Gagsta Rap (Lyrics NSFW)

Star Wars Helpdesk (Because everyone needs a helpdesk for their complex systems!)

Star Wars Meets COPS

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager #1 (Just funny)

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Wow Video

Watch as this camera mounted in the Restaurant on a cruise ship catches the rocking motion of the boat. At 1:30 it gets started, and by 5:50 you start seeing it get really bad. I’m sure if you were on this ride you won’t ever forget it… It is hypnotic.

null – Watch more free videos

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Everyone knows its SLINKY! Now in CAT form.

They did a great job by adding the Song and the sound effects. Worth a quick laugh.

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All I want for Christmas is … A Belt Fed Vulcan Nerf Machinegun!

Ok this is pretty cool, and I won’t get one for Christmas, but if I was 10 I’d sure want one!

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Viral Video – Roomba Cat

Duke Kenneth’s cats flee the Roomba. Here is proof all cats are not afraid of the Roomba Vac.

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This man knows the Future! Watch him CLOSE from now on!

This must be like watching a real Oracle and finding out some CAN see the future! Long but worth it. Watch idiots argue with a guy that is totally right.

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Carbon Fiber Guitars!

Jet Black
Carbon Fiber
3 Pounds
Nearly Indestructable
Nuff said!

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Honeycomb Tires for Military (Not EDIBLE!)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Wausau, WI company Resilient Technologies, LLC have come up with a 37 inch, bullet and a bomb proof Humvee tire based on a polymeric web so cool looking there’s no need for hub caps. They created a “non-pneumatic tire”, (no air required) that will support the weight of add-on armor, survive an IED attack and still make a 50 mph getaway. It’s basically a round honeycomb wrapped with a thick, black tread.

The US ARMY is searching for an alternative to the current Humvee “run-flat” tires, that still need a minimal amount of air pressure to roll and can leave troops stranded after being shot or blown out.

The patent pending design mimics the precise, six-sided cell pattern found in a honeycomb and best duplicates the “ride feel” of pneumatic tires, according to the developers.

* Costs per tire are supposed to be about same or less than current units. Delivery is date forcast 2011.
* Honeycomb design reduces noise and heat levels while the vehicle is moving. Two common problems with past airless tire solutions.

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Don’t Judge Too Quickly – Best TV Commercial I’ve seen in a long time.

Yes, it is seriously funny!

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Art Imitates Life

This is Guy Drake from the old Porter Waggoner show.
He nails it on the head. Enjoy a classic Cowboy Poem.

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