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Won’t you take me to — Uglytown?

For kids of all ages it is where you can go to ugly town and buy a nice UGLYDOLL for your kids or for yourself. Soft, fuzzy, and all so Ugly. Shop online, or go out to a retailer and find your own new friend (or Fiend).

And they would be great to have around even after Halloween! Your kids probably have other dolls, but I’d sure like to see more of these in the hands of kids today!

King Corey

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Totally Unique Christmas Gifts – Custom Swiss Watches

I found a custom watchmaker that can create a custom watch for you in 10 working days. You build it online, see the results, and buy. So easy, and yet so fun to try out ideas. Also the webpage is very well done. The creation of your custom watch could not be easier, and the images are top notch. Nothing less than this could be expected from a fine Swiss Watchmaker!

I will certainly be watching [no pun intended] to see how this concept works out, but the idea of custom work for people is done in the computer industry and lends itself to the watch world in this case.

King Corey

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Do you know the Hotdog Man?


I do know the Hotdog Man! Yesterday I met the James Coney Island Hotdog. Got a nice pic for my photo album.

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ANTEC – Rocks the Open Case Desktop with SKELETON just in time for Halloween!

Curtis sent me this for a Post…

The Antec Skeleton enclosure is an open design with HUGE Fans for airflow. Fans are front 92mm fan, and a top three speed 250mm fan with multicolor LED customization.
Also has layered component trays and rackmount quality side rails.

For the folks that want a different style than the old Case Mod Specials out there.

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Halloween – Geeks takeover

I love Halloween! The parties, the costumes, the fun, the candy, all the scary stuff. This is the best part of all…The DISPLAYS for everyone. Halloween is almost always best when it is homemade scary stuff. Nothing bought in a store can compete with what people will do for their own displays. Check out these fun videos for this great holiday. (Bonus is it is on a FRIDAY this week, so we can party all night with the Ghouls and Witches!)

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HMS Hood done in LEGOs – Awesome Work!

The HMS Hood was sunk by the Famous German Battleship Bismark in 1941.
This guy brought back the Hood in all of it’s glory, great detail, and HUGE too, and all in LEGOs. I’ve always loved LEGOs and this is a

tribute to how versitile the little blocks have become. I regret the day I lost my big box of LEGO Pieces. Check out the full photo stream

below from FLICKR by clicking the Image!
finished 3
For More about the History of the HMS Hood check out the WIKI Article.

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Apple’s New CheapBook


Apple is set to unveil a laptop aimed at the newest fad: affordability.

Once again Apple has shown an uncanny ability to anticipate the market and position their product line accordingly. Today, Apple’s trading at $91, less than half of it’s 52 week high. A deal to be sure, because unlike the reactionary culture at Ford or GM, Apple is already poised to meet new market realities. The plan: Release a new line of low cost notebook computers that appeal to the frugal fashionista. How will Apple do in the pursuit of affordability? If history is any indicator, Apple will find that elusive balance between practicality, performance and, of course, style. For ailing stock prices and a slow economy, that’s just what the doctor ordered.

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My stomach churns at watching this video

Awesome – The Mythbusters never pulled this off! Wow, I got flips in my gut watching. This guy does the full go round on the swing. Sounds Russian like a Circus guy, but still amazing.

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It’s about time they hook up…

The holy marriage of Leica and Mercedes-Benz.

The holy marriage of Leica and Mercedes-Benz.

Sometimes it’s nice to know the world is moving in your direction, and having a company like Mercedes-Benz make that move is particularly gratifying. I’m not sure I’d recognize this car if it were driving down the street but that’s okay. The substance here is in the details, something Mercedes-Benz has once again taken very seriously.

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Artistic take on Lovecraft’s “Music of Erich Zahn”

A favorite story, and one of H.P. Lovecraft’s own favorite stories, is the “Music of Erich Zahn”. Written back in the 1920’s, this story isn’t a classic horror story, but a great suspense and imagination story. The idea of the young college student making friends with the elderly man that lives upstairs, and finding out that he has been trying to protect everyone from evil by playing strange music is very cool. Check out this awesome little stop motion movie.

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