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Theo Jansen – Creatures

Watching this I got a WOW moment. Where I realized that this guy had made a simple computer, and a walking creature and melded them together. It is really amazing.

Watch the video and be amazed at this creation. Genius is rarely seen so clearly.

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Crazy Cat People? Meet YouTube Engineers!

Funny little video, well done and entertaining. Enjoy!

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Sony VAIO Laptop TT – Sets the bar HIGH

Yesterday on Gizmodo rumors flew about a new Sony VAIO TT Laptop that was almost too good to be true. Today, Sony confirms the good news.

And the News is…

Blue Ray DVD, 1080p output, 256GB SSD, Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor SU9400 (1.4GHz, 3MB L2 Cache), Windows Vista® Ultimate, 4GB RAM, Backlit LCD in 16:9 Aspect Ratio, and wrapped in lightweight carbon-fiber chassis, weighs just 2.87 pounds and is less than 1-inch thick.

Price is $2750 — With all the best options, make cutbacks and you can get down to $2000, up side is they offer free shipping for anything over $100 from the Sony site.

Read the Gizmodo article Here

Check out the laptops here and buy online here….

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Tired of that BORING wallpaper on the computer?

I found a great site for wallpaper, free stuff is awesome, so the pay stuff must be untouchable!

They do nice stuff for your resolution settings, and even for your iPhone or other portables. I grew pretty tired of the Vista backgrounds available. So get a new view on your computer.

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Catapult and Trebuchet – But flicking people instead of siege missiles

I love catapults and trebuchets, and have built small models, but these wickedly insane folks build siege engines to throw humans. Turn down the audio on the catapult video, and you will enjoy it more.



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Mac v PC

The picture says it all

Mac vs PC

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The Website is Down

This is hilarious–I never had this much fun when I had that job!

Shamelessley hotlinked from

Digital HUGE! 50 MP Camera from Hasselblad only $39,995


Just a little camera toy, check out the specs from their webpage…

Ultimate DSLR Advantage
Integrated 50 Mpix capture units with 3” display

Ultra-Focus: integral optimization of digital lens performance

Hasselblad Natural Color Solution

Integrated CCD cooling sink for lower noise

Direct ISO/WB control

Thumbwheel control of digital menus

GPS accessory option

Full Digital APO Correction for improved image sharpness and detail

Ultimate Flexibility
Market’s most versatile lens program

Choice of eye-level or waist-level viewfinders

Field FW upgrade of H3D camera

Choice of media: CF card – Image Bank II

Easy sensor cleaning

View camera option

Un-tethered and tethered operation

Hasselblad 3FR raw – or DNG export

That is 50 Mega Pixles of Cool!

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Learn from the BEST for FREE = MIT Online

Have you ever wanted to learn a subject? And not been able to afford the class? How about free MIT College Courses?

Check out what you can learn! Free downloads, and most videos are out on YouTube

Good Luck!

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McKenzie – Age 11

Young Lady McKenzie at age 11 can fully field strip and re-assemble an AR-15 rifle in 53 seconds!
I’m happy to see the youth of our country learning usefull skills and able to do things many grownups couldn’t do!

No joking here she rocks, and I expect she knows how to use that rifle without a problem and has a bright future because this takes real discipline.

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